Solutions you can depend on.

As businesses grow, more solutions are needed to streamline operations and keep efficiency levels stable. Ecommerce United has a diverse set of solutions that fit the needs of contemporary businesses owners that wish to transition from traditional way of doing business to the cutting-edge effective way getting this done.

1. Hosting

Online presence is an essential part of each businesses’ marketing mix in their effort to expand their reach and communicate with their respective audiences, and as such having a stable online website requires a dependable server to host it on.


3. Zoho Apps

Stepping up productivity and managing day-to-day activities like sales, customer relations and follow-up, accounting and financial planning need a special kind of suite. Zoho dubbed the Operating System for Business has over 40 integrated applications that connect various processes in a business.


5. Google Analytics

A web analytics service by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, helping businesses get a deeper understanding of their customers by analyzing data and thus evaluating marketing plans, web content, product/service demand and more.

2. G-Suite

Google, the tech giant, after years of research came up with the perfect bundle of cloud applications, running smoothly to help your business grow. G Suite comes in three editions Basic, Business and Enterprise, each with its own services and prices.


4. WordPress Website

In terms of CMS (Content Management Systems), WordPress is by far the most popular amongst them, having a market share measured at 31% of all websites on the internet. For simple projects, this solution is best as it’s easy to manage, quick to develop and suits almost all website needs.