Ecommerce, Simplified.

Menasa is a cloud eCommerce platform that simplifies transitioning stores from physical to digital by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, providing sleek-looking eye-catching front-end website designs for visitors to shop from and a back-end like no other that optimizes SEO and easily integrates with third-party providers.

In a nutshell, It’s

  • Highly customizable;
  • User friendly;
  • Data driven;
  • Scalable;
  • Integrates with third parties;
  • Affordable;
  • SEO friendly.

And comes prepackaged with

Unique store design

Attractive online store designs are compared to physical storefronts, being used as a tool to engage potential customers. GoCommerce has industry-specific unique designs to choose from.

Basic SEO integration

Research indicates that the higher rank your website ranks, the more visitors it receives, knowing that, GoCommerce was developed with keyword optimization in mind.

Multi-lingual support

Communicating with a diverse set of customers require speaking their languages, GoCommerce is natively programmed to handle multiple languages without having to reduce quality of design.

Payment Gateway Ready

Where other competing solutions fall short in terms of payment gateways integration, GoCommerce delivers on the promise that it readily integrates it seamlessly.

Inventory and Shipping Integration

Automatically, GoCommerce can be set to communicate in the backend with world-class shipping providers and local delivery services, while updating product inventory seamlessly.

Guaranteed Uptime and 24/7 Support

Hosted in one of the world’s most technologically advanced data center, GoCommerce will rarely breakdown or go offline, in addition to an around-the-clock support team on standby.

Addon Services

Zoho Books

A user friendly, cloud accounting software designed with online businesses in mind to manage their finances, making it easier to track expenses, get paid faster, track inventory in real-time and generate financial reports easily such Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements and more.

G Suite

Google, the tech giant, after years of research came up with the perfect bundle of cloud applications, running smoothly to help your business grow. G Suite comes in three editions Basic, Business and Enterprise, each with its own services and prices.

IP Telephony

Sometimes having a fancy number for your business resonates trust. IP Telephony is offered with a range of numbers that are setup on a specific phone that only works when it’s connected to the internet.


Brands build confidence in products or services, communicating with audiences through logos, colors and other brand assets. Now more than ever developing Online Brands that speak to the internet generation is needed, hence an online identity can be carefully crafted on demand.

Content Development & Photography

Choosing words, descriptions and photos creates a brand tone that compliments an online store’s brand, invoking specific feelings to generate sales and reflecting the best possible impression in the customer’s mind.

Google Analytics

Web analytics track an estore’s web traffic, creating reports that illustrate what interest visitors, making it easier to have deeper understanding on how to profile them and in turn checking if marketing plans are effective, content and product services are interesting and more.